FlightrixTM now offers the flight simulator for pilots who either want to practice their flying or for those wish to understand aircraft systems. In either case, Flightrix offers you valuable instruction with the vision of developing India's aerospace sector by improving the quality of human resources.

FlightrixTM also launches socially beneficial initiatives, some self - funded and other externally sponsored, from time to time, that are for the better good of the society. Sponsors are welcome to explore options on funding certain programs.

About the Simulator

The FlightrixTM FE-UE-04 simulator is the flagship prototype simulator, now open to the serious public who wish to better understand both flight dynamics, flying, and the systems on an airplane. The FE-UE-04 is ideally suited for student / private and commercial pilots who wish to practice instrument flying and procedures, and fr aerospace engineering students and professionals who wish to add the much needed necessary practical exposure to give them an edge over other graduates.

How to book a session ?

Contact us via the website, or call us directly with the details provided below. Please note that sessions must be booked in advance, and either we agree to a slot chosen by you, or the next closest in case of non - availability of the simulator in the time frame of your choice. Please call us / email us for simulator rates and modes of payment.

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Why Fly on the simulator ?

The FE-UE-04 features very close to real aircraft flight dynamics and systems. With the FE-UE-04, you'll walk out with an unparalleled rich understanding and practice that companies: both airlines and aerospace engineering firms require. We say this with confidence because we are the very people who designed and setup a flight simulator training program for the engineers of one of the world's largest avionics companies, and have been interviewing candidates for internship and recruitment.

The flight simulator is ideal for 100% instrument flight and procedural practice on the 172 (for pilots) and for the following subjects for aerospace engineering students :

  •     AVIONICS

Below is a description of the simulator and some of the systems simulated/installed.

Primary Flight Instruments Navigation Instruments Surveillance
Airspeed Indicator, Attitude Indicator, Altitude Indicator Slip & Rate of Turn Indicator, Slaved Gyro Compass Horizontal Situation Indicator, Magnetic Vertical Speed Indicator, Pitot Head. Omni Bearing Indicator (OBI) with Glideslope indications.
Course Deviation Indicator with Glideslope indications.
Radio Magnetic Indicator for VOR, ILS and ADF.
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) based on the Honeywell Bendix King KN62A Navigation Radios for NAV 1 and NAV 2 with integrated localizer and To/From course indication based on two the Honeywell Bendix King KX165A.
ADF receivers based on the Honeywell Bendix King KR87 Marker Beacon receiver.
Garmin based GPS navigator.
Navigation Source selector or Radio or GPS navigation.
Timer with Outside Air temperature (OAT) indicator and integrated voltmeter.
Mode C Transponder (Altitude Reporting) based on the Honeywell Bendix King KT76C.
Communication Engine Instruments / Systems Warnings
Communication Receivers based on the Honeywell Bendix King KX165A. Audio Control panel to selectively receive audio from communication and navigation radios. Tachometer, Oil Temperature and Pressure, Exhaust Gas Temperature and Fuel Flow, Fuel Quantity, Start switch with selective magnetos. Fuel Pump Annunciator
Flight Controls Autoflight Electrical System
Yoke and Dual Sidestick, Flaps : 10°, 20°, 30°. Elevator Trim Rudder Pedals with Toe Brakes. Fully functional Honeywell Bendix King KAP 140 based autopilot. Voltmeter and Ammeter for 28V system Battery and Alternator.
Other Lighting System De - Ice
Vacuum indicator for dependant instruments. Navigation, Strobe, Anti Collision / Beacon, Taxi and Landing Lights De - icing system and Pitot Heat
Engine Controls Visual System Flight Dynamics
Throttle Air Fuel Mixture 225 - degree horizontal field of view (Largest HFOV visual system in India) Ultra Realistic flight dynamics based on the Cessna 172