Posted by ADMIN | 21 Nov 2012

First Prototype Simulator Ready.

The very first prototype simulator of Command Sims Pvt. Ltd, was formally inaugurated in a small puja. The simulator, which was built by the founder himself, was a result of nearly 5 months of efforts, which involved detailed design, consultation with pilots, and a lot of hardwork and sweat. Barring the painting, the entire simulator was constructed by hand, by Vasuki Prasad. This demanded all his skills: CAD, Documentation, Carpentry, Electronics design & development, Human factors, software, and most importantly: mechanical design to come up with the prototype. 2 United States Patent applications, having built aircraft LED lights for National Aerospace Laboratories, Designed LED lights and Flight Simulators for Honeywell, Taught engineers flying on simulators, been part of a massive transformational program in the aerospace department of Honeywell, having worked on Airbus flight management systems; all in addition to prior experience at airports, airlines, training centres, and aircraft maintenance centres culminated in a brilliantly designed flight simulator for aerospace engineering colleges, and other professional uses. Yes, the priest got to fly the simulator!


Posted by ADMIN | 21 Nov 2012

TB 20 high performance aircraft acquired for Manipal Institute of Technology.

The founder of Command Sims Pvt. Ltd, initiated the procurement of a TB-20 aircraft from the prestigious Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi at Fursatganj, Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, for the Aerospace Department of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka. Vasuki Prasad also coordinated between the two reputed institutes for an expedited shipment of a worthy aircraft. The aircraft, a high performance TB-20, features a retractable landing gear system, and Honeywell (Bendix King) avionics. The aircraft may be powered up, and the working systems demonstrated to its students. A realistic flight simulator offered by Command Sims. Pvt. Ltd. complements the TB-20 aircraft, allowing students to fly and experience the systems in operation, giving them the much needed operational exposure in aviation, which is demanded by all aerospace companies the world over. The simulator experience allows for better innovation and greater product development capabilities.


Posted by ADMIN | 19 Oct 2012

Command Sims Pvt. Ltd. Bags order to repair a DGCA approved flight simulator.

Command Sims Pvt. Ltd has been selected by Chimes Aviation Academy to repair their DGCA approved flight simulator. The flight simulator, which is based on the G1000 Glass cockpit Cessna 172, will be given a new lease of life with smooth controls, redone interfaces, enhanced visuals, excellent instructor station capabilities, and much more for a totally new level of immersive and productive flight simulator training sessions for its cadets. Chimes Aviation Academy, located at Dhana, Madhya Pradesh, has the largest fleet of G1000 equipped Cessna 172R airplanes in the country.


Posted by ADMIN | 30 Sep 2012

Command Sims Pvt Ltd Founder gives a TEDx talk.

The founder of Command Sims, Vasuki Prasad, gave a talk at the Manipal Institute of Technology on the aerospace scene in India and the need for flight simulators. The talk was highly appreciated by Dr. B.S. Prabhu, the former director of Manipal Institute of technology, and former professor at IIT-Chennai, who firmly believes that practical exposure is the only way to true engineering excellence. In this case, flight simulators are a must for aerospace engineering.


Posted by ADMIN | 11 Sep 2012

Command Sims Pvt. Ltd's founder's pre-entrepreneurial flight simulators featured in the Hindu .

Boeing 767-Type generic Jet Aircraft Simulators, which were built and installed at the Honeywell Technology Solutions Ltd's facilities at Bangalore, Madurai and Hyderabad were featured in the Hindu. The founder, Vasuki Prasad, worked tirelessly over many months in not only installing the simulators, but in training company employees, bit pilots and engineers, in the flying procedures involved with the aircraft.


Posted by ADMIN | 06 Jul 2012

Command Sims. Pvt. Ltd. founder called to "Train the trainer".

The founder of Command Sims Pvt. Ltd, Vasuki Prasad, was requested by Flight 4 Fantasy to train 3 of their instructors on the Cessna 172 simulator at their facility.