Highly Functional, Realistic, Immersive and Affordable flight simulators that positively impact your training.

Our Products

The products at FlightrixTM are designed for a high educational and instructional value, designed by aerospace engineers and commercial pilots with a certain set of beliefs.

  • Simplicity : Simple design architecture and construction.
  • Availability : Replacement Parts easily available through CSPL, at a reasonable notice.
  • Functionality : Full Essential functionality of the system / systems to ensure a complete, satisfactory flight in the simulator.
  • Reliability : Simplicity and availability increase reliability.
  • Affordability : Simplicity and availability increase affordability.
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Our Services

  • Need an Annual Maintenance Contract ?
  • Need a simulator to be designed ?
  • Need part of a simulator solution ?
  • Stunning Visuals ?
  • A simulator upgrade or just want to know how to go about it all ?

Our Technical Expertise can help you with your needs on the Hardware, Software needs, with designs based on real world cockpit, components and systems!

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About Us

Command Sims Pvt. Ltd.® was established in 2012 after its founding members had accumulated a total of 25 years of professional experience in the field of avionics, airplane systems, flight simulators, and flight simulator instruction. This experience was gained in one of the world's biggest aerospace companies.

FlightrixTM, is a brand of Command Sims Pvt. Ltd. At Command Sims® / FlightrixTM, we endeavour to provide the best flight simulators, flight simulator experience, and educational courses aimed at improving the quality of the aerospace talent pool in the country.

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